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     February 23rd
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Little is known of the origin or purpose of the fearsome, mythical ogre known as 'Runeskin'. Standing over nine feet in height and weighing at least a thousand pounds, the supposedly-immortal creature has long been a recurring dilemma for humanity over the seven centuries he's been appearing on Sryth.

Named for the countless blue runes that cover nearly every square inch of his loathsome bulk, Runeskin is a sight to behold, and indeed an enemy best avoided.

Runeskin possesses the ability to change form at will, and often appears as some innocuous entity, before revealing his true, terrifying self and embarking on a savage and deadly rampage against his chosen target -- which at various times has been an entire city!

When his violent tirade has run its course, or when he has met with significant resistance, Runeskin has historically departed, though not before substantial damage and misery has been left in his wake.

Runeskin will often "employ" the services of creatures such as goblins, trolls, and other ogres, who are only too willing to join him as he wages his brutal war on humanity.

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