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     July 19th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Rine Beast

The Rine Beast is the name given to a strange, massive humanoid creature of unknown origin that once roamed and ruled the slopes of Ironfang Mountain .

Some say that the creature was a creation of dark magic, left over from the Age of Araludon, while others believed it to be a rare breed of troll, and perhaps the last of its species. Whatever its origin, the Rine Beast evoked terror as few other creatures ever have.

The massive, bipedal creature, was covered from head to toe in a combination of stone-grey scales and thick white fur. Its coal-black eyes sat just atop a flat, broad, bear-like nose, which rested upon a mouth that was full of sharp, jagged teeth, that was nearly a foot wide.

Long spikes of bone and ice are said to have protruded from the back of the beast, serving as protection from anything foolhardy enough (or unlucky enough) to find itself entangled with it.

It's been said that the Rine Beast possessed the strength of two bears and that it could run faster than a galloping horse.

Having roamed the mountain for centuries, the Rine Beast was at last defeated when a powerful wizard placed a spell upon its lair, putting the fearsome creature into a deep, perpetual sleep.

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