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     October 1st
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Palk - The Great Warrior Spirit

Known as "The Great Warrior Spirit", scholars and sages have long debated the existence and nature of Palk, who some believe to be a lesser god that serves Srythak , the All-Father.

The most popular accounts of Palk places the Great Warrior Spirit as "The Wrath of The All-Father", a powerful, omnipotent being that carries out the wrath of the all-powerful god.

Although not worshipped directly by any large group, many warriors will wear charms or bear arms and equipment that have been inscribed with Palk's symbol -- a clenched fist raised skyward.

"Palk's Prayer" is often uttered by warriors before entering battle and is spoken as follows:

"Under the eyes of the All-Father, may the Great Warrior Spirit grant me swift and just victory. Though my shield be cloven and my body pierced, may my spirit endure, that I shall prevail."

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