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     July 24th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Painted Peddler

No one knows the true identity of this curious, wandering merchant, but the Painted Peddler has, for the better part of the last generation, been traveling throughout the North Broadlands , setting up camp (and shop) at whatever spot strikes his fancy.

He never remains in one place for very long.

The peddler has earned his moniker due to the fact that his face is always painted, usually in some motif representative of the wild places of the world.

The Painted Peddler is by no means a young man. A flowing, white beard hangs to just below his waist, and a full, tangled mane of white hair drapes down from his large head and splashes over his shoulders.

From time to time, the peddler sells special items that he's either found during his travels, or purchased from adventurers.

The peddler travels throughout the realms on a painted, glowing wagon, drawn by a pair of what he calls 'invisible horses'. Many believe that the wagon propels itself via magic and that there are no horses involved in effecting its movement -- invisible or otherwise.

It's long been rumoured that the Painted Peddler has (or knows where to find) Varkyn's Ring of Motley Wonder. Some adventurers maintain that the Peddler has told them that he does indeed have the ring and that he intends to put it up for sale very soon.

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