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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The Oakaruk (an ancient Aldvarian word that roughly translates into 'Oaken Pawn') is the name given to the wood and iron beings created by Koro-Tul , a powerful sorceress whose misdeeds resulted in her banishment from the Grey Circle and her subsequent exile in the cursed forest of Fogbough .

Oakaruk are generally slender, human-sized beings crafted out of a combination of wood and iron. The magically-animated Oakaruk have only very limited intellectual capacity. Their actions are almost fully-controlled by their creator and the directives and instructions that were infused into their being at the time of their creation.

As they are largely mindless, Oakaruk are relentless and fearless combatants, making them formidable foes.

One of the more sinister traits of these strange beings is their ability to discern the tactics of enemy combatants and mimic them, thus placing themselves on near-equal footing with their foes in battle.

Due to the powerful magic that courses through them, Oakaruk are exceptionally strong. While they can employ a wide variety of weaponry, these wood and iron beings often fight unarmed.

Oakaruk emit an anti-magic field intended to defeat magic that is used against them. Koro-Tul infused her creations with this ability prior to her unsuccessful coup against the Grey Mage .

It is now believed that the only place one might hope to find Oakaruk is within the depths of Fogbough Forest. Following her attempted coup, Koro-Tul fled into Fogbough with the remnants of her Oakaruk army.

In the aftermath of her Koro-Tul's treacherous act, Grey Mage is said to have placed a powerful death curse on the renegade sorceress, forever exiling her to Fogbough.

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