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     July 24th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Neverness

Magic on the world of Sryth comes in the form of Nevernal energy -- a raw, and unpredictable force of great power that seeps into the realm of man from a place known as the Neverness.

The Neverness is a dark, shadow-filled, surreal realm, existing on another plane of existence from Sryth -- another dimension entirely.

It is from this mysterious and boundless dimension of eternal night that magic flows, its power interweaving into the fabric of the world of Sryth, driving its destiny and at the same time poisoning its soul.

There are tales of mages who have opened gates between the world of Sryth and the Neverness, but such endeavours have often ended in great folly. Passage between the two worlds is forbidden almost universally, by governments and mages alike. However, the temptation for spellcasters to visit and perhaps learn more about the source of their power is often too much to resist.

Mages have returned from the Neverness and reported it to be a realm of infinite shadow and fire, a land of nightmares, ruled by demon kings and wicked gods. Others have said that they found it to have been a realm governed by a strange, but ultimately benevolent reality.

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