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     April 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Mordragarn - The Lost Kingdom

Mordragarn is a fabled lost kingdom said to lie in ruin somewhere beneath the frozen wastes of Arkyndar .

According to legend, Mordragarn was a sprawling, walled city at the centre of which stood five soaring towers, their stone faces inlaid with ravenbone .

Adventurers exploring the surface of Arkyndar have discovered ancient ruins in various places which some believe may be connected to the lost kingdom of Mordragarn.

Tallys , proprietor of the famous trading post that bears his name, claims to own several artifacts long ago taken from the ruins of Mordragarn, though he is reluctant to reveal them.

Wild speculation about the existence of a rich network of ravenbone mines within Mordragarn has long fueled the dangerous and ultimately fruitless search for the lost city.

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