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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Captain Rexigor Millark

Rexigor Millark is a Tysian army captain, whose name has become synonymous with horrendous incident in the foothills of the Felrundin Range some years ago, where nearly an entire regiment of soldiers under his command were ambushed and slaughtered by a large band of forest trolls.

It was believed and reported, though never proven, that Millark was inebriated and unfit to command in the hours leading up to the fateful ambush. It was also reported, but again, never proven, that he stayed out of combat, too drunk to wield his own sword, while his men were brutally torn down by their savage assailants.

Prior to this incident, Captain Millark enjoyed a distinguished career in the Tysian army, where he led several successful campaigns against goblins and trolls in the wilds of the kingdom.

Rumours concerning his incessant and excessive imbibing have never been adequately substantiated.

Since the incident in the foothills, now almost a decade ago, Captain Millark has been relegated to overseeing only minor tasks, many of which would seem beneath his station.

He is currently in charge of overseeing the monthly transport of ore from the village of Silverwysp to the city of Tryndmoor.

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