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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Caves of Maramog

The fabled Caves of Maramog, tucked away within the tangled heart of Bellsong Slough , remains a place surrounded in mystery, its origins and history steeped in legend.

As told in countless tales, Maramog was once home to a race of beings formed out of living stone. Known as the Ryl-Norok, these benevolent beings kept watch over the caves and its many hidden secrets.

According to the legends, a great cataclysm befell the Ryl-Norok, and the guardians of Maramog slipped back into the shadowy recesses of the great caves and vanished.

For over a thousand years, the caves were lost -- all but forgotten.

Then, nearly two centuries ago, Maramog was rediscovered by a band of intrepid explorers from Trithik. These four brave souls plunged into Bellsong Slough and found the mouth of the legendary cave.

The adventurers, led by a sorceress named Kerislar, made several expeditions into the caves, recording their findings and progress in a series of journals. Deep inside the caverns, they encountered an area where the damp air of Maramog turned poisonous. After losing several members of their party to the deadly atmosphere, Kerislar and her companions abandoned their exploration of the caves.

Since Kerislar's expeditions into Maramog, many adventurers have attempted to follow the path laid out by the sorceress and her band of explorers. So far, none have been able to figure a way past the toxic breath that rises out of the murky depths of the caves...though numerous indeed are those who have perished in the attempt.

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