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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Maragyr Hullthorn

Now residing in Arcarald , where he operates a mercenary outfit loosely known as "Hull's Blades", the famed monster-slayer Maragyr Hullthorn is a figure whose legendary exploits aren't without a fair share of controversy.

Many accuse Maragyr and his mercenaries of providing their strongarm services to any client able to afford them. Such critics will point out that Hull's Blades have been known to frequently associate and do business with people and groups of less than desirable reputations.

Despite such criticism, the broad-shouldered and barrel-chested Maragyr (and his rugged band of swords-for-hire) enjoy a good standing among the citizenry of Arcarald, who benefit from their presence in many ways.

Maragyr is known to have had a falling out with his one-time adventuring companion, Zumryn of Battlegrounds fame. In fact, it's rumoured that Zumryn has banished Maragyr from the Battlegrounds, threatening him with death should he dare to set foot upon Iron Crown Isle.

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