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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Lyrgora of Wellmist

The famed adventurer Lyrgora of Wellmist (known more commonly as simply Lyrgora) was slain nearly twenty years ago when she and her small band of fellow treasure seekers where ambushed by goblins in the Felrundin foothills after having successfully looted a dragon's abandoned lair.

Originally hailing from the village of Wellmist where her father, who was the local smithy and the captain of the settlement's small militia, taught her to wield a sword not long after she could lift one, Lyrgora quickly made a name for herself throughout Tysa.

After witnessing the aftermath of a goblin raid on the nearby village of Holdswyn, Lyrgora dedicated her life to ridding the wilds of its most savage and dangerous elements -- in particular, goblins and ogres.

By all accounts, Lyrgora is said to have slain over a thousand goblins during a storied career spent roaming the North Broadlands in search of adventure, fame, and fortune.

A statue of Lyrgora, which depicts the intrepid adventurer holding up the decapitated head of a goblin, now stands in the centre of Wellmist.

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