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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Lorgg The Slaver

Although not alone in his barbaric and inhumane trade, Lorgg is certainly the most feared of his slaver ilk.

Standing at just over 6 and a half feet tall, he weighs nearly four hundred pounds. And though that doesn't put him in what would be considered great physical shape, Lorgg posesses a strength that men normally attribute to beasts of the wild.

In fact, it has long been rumoured that Lorgg once broke the neck of a forest troll with his bare hands when he lost his patience while disciplining the beast.

Lorgg long operated along the wild, lawless northern Ryorsilian coast, and transported his unfortunate human plunder to be sold at the Slaver's Market in Kiast.

Slavery itself has long been outlawed across the entirety of the Broadlands (save in the land of Hadrigon), but such rulings mean little to the likes of Lorgg, especially in places as dangerous and lawless as the northern coast of Ryorsial.

Lorgg was finally defeated in a battle against a combined regiment of Tysian border rangers and Ryorsilian knights. He managed to flee the battlefield and evaded capture, and it is rumoured that he now operated from a hidden stronghold in the Felrundin mountains on the eastern Tysian border.

Lorgg is a fierce combatant, though he will usually make his underlings do most of his dirty work. When he is called upon to fight, he employs a large warhammer with deadly results.

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