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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Loch Blades

Long thought to have been lost to the ages, the three fabled Loch Blades were recently discovered in the submerged ruins of an Aldvarian tomb, just off the southern shore of Golden Crown Isle in Barrow Loch.

The three Loch Blades (Terror, Wisdom, and Honour) are as mysterious as they are powerful. Sages have long argued over the origins of these legendary swords, with many among the learned convinced that they are not of this world.

The most widely accepted legend involving the three blades states that there were once three shrines, each on a different island in Barrow Loch (Golden Crown Isle, Iron Crown Isle, and Silver Crown Isle), in which the swords were kept as objects of worship.

Before the shrines fell into ruin, the three blades were removed and hidden somewhere within the frigid depths of the loch.

The recent recovery of the three swords lends at least some credence to the legend.

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