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     February 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Leaf Spider

Feared throughout the ages, particularly in the southern reaches of Sryth, where they were most common, the deadly leaf spider has long been a fixture in the myth and folklore of various regions.

These small, grey and green arachnids, typically no bigger than a thumbnail, resemble the waxy leaf of a plant when viewed from above.

Despite its rather innocuous name, the leaf spider is among the most venomous spiders found anywhere in Sryth.

The bite of a leaf spider (almost never felt) is said to cause the victim a few moments of haziness, after which there will be no symptoms for several months. Six to eight months after being bitten, victims will suddenly experience what is commonly referred to as "last day shivers".

During these "shivers", the victim will feel unusually cold and will shudder for several minutes. Sudden paralysis of respiratory muscles and subsequent death by asphyxiation comes a few hours after the end of the first and only shivering episode.

There is no known cure (magical or otherwise) for the condition caused by the deadly bite of the leaf spider.

Fortunately, it is believed by many that sometime over the last century, the leaf spider, as a species, died out.

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