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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Kurund

The Kurund is the name given to a secretive religious order whose members have dedicated their lives to worshiping and serving the dark god Joloreth .

Though it is believed the number of Kurund have dwindled precipitously over the many centuries that the order has been in existence, members of this sinister group can be found in all corners of the known world -- across almost every walk of life.

While the official ceremonial garb of the Kurund consists of black hooded robes or, at the very least, entirely black attire, members of the dark order strive to blend into the world around them, assuming normal professions and wearing ordinary clothing.

Many believe that the ultimate goal of the Kurund is to find a way to allow Joloreth and his servants to enter the world.

It isn't known whether some Kurund wield a special dark magic (granted to them due to their strong association with Joloreth and his minions) or if the spellcasters among the order simply make use of more traditional magical disciplines.

The Kurund have long been associated with crime throughout Sryth. Tales of roving bands of Kurund robbing and murdering are not entirely uncommon, particularly in the more remote corners of the world.

Over the centuries, several prominent personages have been rumoured to have been allied with the Kurund, with a few of those believed to have actually been members of the dark order.

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