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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Krogari are a semi-mythical race of rat-men that have long been thought to dwell in a secret subterranean lair beneath the city of Trithik. As popular folklore has it, these rat-men roam the streets of Trithik, and the woodlands that surround it, under the cover of the night, plying their stealthy, but vicious brand of villainy which most often includes thievery and murder.

Most disturbing of all is the popular belief that krogari are able to assume human form almost at will, and thus blend in with the world of man to suit their own devious ends.

It has also been said that when killed a krogari will often assume its human guise, thus concealing its true nature even in death.

Sightings of krogari, roving in large bands after nightfall, have been on the rise in and around the city of Phak-Rur . In many of the sightings, witnesses claim that the rat-men have made no effort to conceal their true form.

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