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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The subject of several well-known legends, the sorceress known only as Kirylda was a powerful mage famous for crafting a trio of magical rings which she purportedly used to aid her in her study of the arcane.

It has long been suspected that Kirylda's scholarly examination of various facets of arcana was a ruse designed to hide her true ambition -- that of a necromancer consumed with defeating the looming prospect of her own demise.

Beset from childhood with a wide assortment of serious afflictions, Kirylda sought to extend her life through the study and use of magic.

Some believe that the young spellcaster dangerously pursued various secrets within the realm of necromancy and became ensnared by a malevolent entity that insidiously took control of her.

Despite the dark rumours that swirled about her for most of her life, Kirylda attracted a large and devoted following of aspiring mages. She formed her own small, but loyal order of spellcasters, which often found itself at odds with the Grey Circle .

When she died, a victim of a mysterious disease at twenty-five years of age, her followers constructed a hidden tomb in which to inter her body. To this day, nearly four hundred years after her death, her crypt has yet to be discovered.

It is thought that Kirylda's three magical rings were buried with her in her hidden tomb.

Some of the darker legends concerning Kirylda indicate that when she died, several of her most trusted followers were murdered and interred with her, so that they would be able to serve her after death -- suggesting that the sorceress had possibly achieved the ability to return from the grave.

The insignia of the order of mages founded by Kirylda is a coiled serpent.

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