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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


A demon lord of hailing from an unknown realm deep within the black reaches of the Neverness , Kinjorek waged a long and bloody war against the greater demons that had created him.

The human-sized Kinjorek, whose strength, the legends say, was equal to two mountain giants, forged a weapon designed to slay his demon overlords -- the very beings that had brought him into existence.

The weapon became the 'Sword of Blessed Night', a fearsome longsword that ended the life of hundreds of demons in Kinjorek's quest to destroy the wickedness of his masters.

Kinjorek was ultimately slain by Joloreth , though there are some accounts that claim Igtheon himself killed the renegade demon.

Upon his death, Kinjorek's spirit is said to have escaped the Neverness, taking with it the 'Sword of Blessed Night'. It is believed that Kinjorek's spirit hid the weapon somewhere in the world of Sryth, hoping to someday return and reclaim it.

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