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     April 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Jodd Rolekst

Captain Joddren Rolekst (Jodd to his friends -- and only his friends), is one of the most notorious, and feared individuals to be found anywhere across the breadth of the North Broadlands .

As the captain of a pirate fleet that preyed upon merchant vessels in the Phaiglae Sea , Jodd Rolekst earned a reputation for brutality and lethality that was unmatched within his outlawed profession.

In recent years, however, the hardened brigand has seemingly given up his pirate profession for what has been rumoured to be the lucrative trade of protecting merchant vessels on the high seas from his former pirate ilk.

It is also rumoured that the feared seaman has been spared prosecution for his past crimes by helping Tysa's resident Thane, Thane Quarith , with several problems of a maritime nature.

Rolekst still commands a fleet of fearsome galeons that roam the northern seas, protecting vessels in the shipping routes, for a price. Despite the fact that he is no longer openly engaged in any sort of piracy, the appearance of his ship, 'Dragon Skinner', elicits fear and apprehension in any port it sails into.

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