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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


For four centuries, until his defeat at the hands of a band of brave adventurers, the great dusk dragon , Jirin-Nol, known as 'The Iron Dragon', held dominion over all of the region now called as Thanevale .

It is believed that Jirin-Nol possessed the ability to assume a solid iron form at will -- a tactic he used to thwart his most powerful enemies.

With a vast army of goblins, ogres, trolls at his command, the fearsome dragon sought to conquer all of the North Broadlands , and rid it of the scourge of humanity.

Before his plans of conquest could come to fruition, however, he was slain in his lair by a band of bold adventurers.

Before scattering into the shadowy corners of the world, in the wake of their master's untimely demise, the dragon's most loyal supporters constructed a grand tomb in the swamps west of the Copper Wood in Thanevale.

There, in the dark passages of the secret vault, it is said that powerful goblin mages preserved the spirit of their cruel dragon master -- in the hope that the mighty creature would some day return to at last achieve his conquest of the realm of man.

The heroes who defeated Jirin-Nol never returned from the great dragon's lair, and their fates remain a mystery to this very day.

It should be noted that Jirin-Nol produced a single offspring during his long life -- the dragoness, Ildraria .

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