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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Jirig Ayroth - The Troll Hunter

One of the more infamous characters prowling the wilds (and alehouses) of the North Broadlands is a man by the name of Jirig -- better known to most by his near-legendary moniker, 'The Troll Hunter'.

Once the feared leader of the Blackguard , Jirig has long since given up any direct ties he had with the outfit, and with the Nightwhisperers in exchange for the life of a freelance monster hunter.

Jirig's specialty, and that of the men who find themselves in his employ, is the hunting down and slaying of trolls. He has invented a special weapon that helps him in this effort, and calls it the Troll-Bont .

Jirig's status, and the tales of his various exploits, have become nearly legendary throughout the realms, though he is still viewed by many as an untrustworthy outlaw sort.

A common part of his legend is that he has never been bested in combat, and that he fears no living man. Whether or not this is true, he is almost certainly amongst the most skilled warriors of the age.

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