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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


These massive, savage, fur-covered bipeds, larger than the largest of forest trolls, inhabit the icy upper reaches of the Alspuin Montains , where they carve out a grim existence slaying and devouring anything unlucky (or foolish) enough to cross their path.

In recent years, irogarul sightings have dwindled, leading many to believe that the fearsome creatures, long the bane of travelers braving the high mountain passes, are beginning to die out.

Most the recent sightings of the irogarul have taken place on the steep slopes of towering Mount Karugarn , one of the highest peaks in the entire Alspuin range.

The broad, muscular, imposing frame of an irogarul is covered by a thick coat of white and grey fur. Long arms and legs allow the creatures to move through deep snow with relative ease and their large, clawed hands are capable of bringing down most prey with a single blow.

Due to their durability, warmth, and rarity, irogarul hides are prized by those seeking to craft armour or attire out of them.

If you should happen upon an irogarul during your adventures, you might want to take a moment and reconsider the sorts of places in which you're adventuring!

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