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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Insidious Command

Insidious Command is often contentious notion that certain powerful mages throughout the known world (though most notably across the North Broadlands ) have long been secretly confederated into a sinister, undetectable societal entity that employs powerful magic to manipulate and control vast sectors of populations at large.

Those who profess that Insidious Command exists, don't generally believe that prolific spellcasting orders (like the Grey Circle ) are institutionally involved in the nefarious paradigm. They do, however, recognize that some individual mages within such orders are likely to be loyal adherents to the shadowy, arcane doctrine of control.

There are many who believe that Insidious Command is little more than a myth espoused by those who seek to use the fear the sinister notion instills in people as a means to attain or maintain control of various elements of society.

Thane Pyrond of Trithik has long been of the belief that Insidious Command is real and represents a growing threat to the realm of man.

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