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     April 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


A legendary warrior and spellcaster whose time was before the Age of Araludon , Igranolt and his small band of followers were largely responsible for ridding the world of the savage monsters and foul demons left over from the dark, nameless epochs that comprised the early history of the world of Sryth.

Igranolt is said to have worn a massive, red, tear-shaped gemstone on a chain around his neck that gave him extraordinary abilities. This legendary jewel has become known as Igranolt's Tear.

It is not known from where Igranolt and his followers came, though it is suspected they belonged to a race of men that predated both the Aldvari and the Vorenthan .

From time to time, ruins and other artifacts are discovered that bear the mark of humans, but that are neither Aldvari nor Vorenthan, leaving many to believe that an ancient race of men, now lost to the ages, once walked the world of Sryth.

Igranolt and the last of his followers are said to have been slain in a cataclysmic battle with a demon known to history as Thar-Urk. When Thar-Urk took Igranolt's Tear from the slain champion it is said that the jewel exploded into countless fragments, killing the demon instantly.

The shards of Igranolt's Tear are rumoured to have spread to every corner of the known world, and it is believed they still retain their mystical potency.

The sizes and the effects of the countless shards vary greatly, and there are endless tales of the strange and powerful magic they possess.

You might happen upon a shard yourself in your adventures.

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