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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Hope Stone

Once a flourishing walled city on the northeast shoulder of Barrow Loch, Hope Stone was destroyed over a thousand years ago in an attack by the great dragon, Cloudlurker .

Before its sudden and untimely demise, Hope Stone was a bastion of learning and magic -- a haven for scholars who sought to unravel the complex mysteries of a dangerous and ever-changing world.

One of the first and largest Grey Circle compounds dominated the centre of the city.

It is said that on the day of Cloudlurker's attack, only the city's Archmage, a sorcerer of the Grey Circle named Girudorn dared to challenge the savage might of the great dragon.

Girudorn, as legend has it, repelled Cloudlurker's attack for nearly an hour, before ultimately succumbing to the dragon's fiery wrath.

After three days, Cloudlurker's incessant attack succeeded in razing every structure within the city's walls and half the populace of Hope Stone was either dead or missing.

For over five hundred years, the ruins of Hope Stone and a wide swath of land surrounding the remnants, lay abandoned. When a silver mine was discovered near the ruins, its valuable bounty led to the founding of a new settlement to the south of the shattered city. The new town, which came to be called Dragonwrath , was named after the infamous attack that destroyed Hope Stone.

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