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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Of all the creatures on Sryth there are perhaps none as equally feared and respected as the griffon.

These majestic and extraordinarily intelligent creatures have the head, fore-quarters, and wings of an eagle, and the hind-quarters and tail of a lion. They can grow to be nearly twenty feet tall, and can be as long as some adult dragons.

The forepaws of the griffon are equipped with razor-sharp, stonelike claws, and their beaks are harder than stone, enabling them to tear through most materials with ease.

Srythian griffons commonly possess magical abilities. One such ability innate to all griffons is the power to turn themselves into stone at will. While they remain in this state (which can be for a very long time) they are impervious to nearly all forms of attack.

They are reclusive creatures, preferring to dwell out of sight in their abodes which are normally large caves, and usually at some great elevation.

Srythian griffons are often quick to anger, and will attack without warning when they feel threatened. Griffons steadfastly despise dragons of all varieties, and will not tolerate them under any circumstances. An adult griffon is perhaps one of the only living things on Sryth that a dragon fears.

Though tolerant of most other living creatures, griffons are by their very nature suspicious and will normally shy away from any dealings with the world of men.

Should you ever encounter a griffon, you should know that they are fierce combatants, who give no quarter once they've identified a foe.

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