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     April 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Grey Circle

The Grey Circle is an ageold brotherhood of mages that offers protection and advancement opportunities for its members in exchange for service and monetary contributions.

This brotherhood has grown in number and strength over the ages, and now wields incredible political power throughout the realms. It is a recognized political entity in nearly every nation of Northern Sryth, and it has compounds and embassies in almost every major city.

The Grey Circle has earned a fair degree of infamy over its tactics of "recruitment". Members are expected to recruit other members whenever possible, and "renegade" spellcasters (in other words those not belonging to the Grey Circle brotherhood) can sometimes find themselves the target of harassment and even violent coercive tactics.

The headquaters of this brotherhood of mages is the Tower of Anarain in the city of Asphyr . It is here that the mysterious figure known as The Grey Mage resides. The Grey Mage is the brotherhood's undisputed leader, and is reported to be a mage of unmatched power and wisdom, though few, if any (even among the brothehood) claim to have ever seen him.

Many Srythian cities and nations have found their political structures increasingly at odds with the enormity of the social and political power wielded by the Grey Circle.

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