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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Of all the adventurers whose deeds have gone down in legend, there are few more worthy of mention than Gorapthor.

Possessing what his legends say were superhuman strength and agility, the Tysian warrior and adventurer quickly made a name for himself battling goblins, ogres, trolls, dragons, and all manner of beasts that prowled the untamed edges of the kingdom.

It is said that Gorapthor (with the help of a powerful magic-wielding ally) was able to travel into the Neverness and frequently did so, in search of mighty artifacts which he brought back with him to Sryth.

During one of his many excursions into the dark realms deep within the heart of the Neverness, Gorapthor crossed paths with a demon queen -- her name was never known to the adventurer.

According to his legend, Gorapthor killed the demon queen and took one of the three horns protruding from her head. This horn, the horn of the nameless queen of that infernal realm, became known as Gorapthor's Horn.

Gorapthor treasured the horn and never allowed it to leave his side. With his passing, however, the horn disappeared, leaving many to believe that it was lost forever.

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