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     February 23rd
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Goblindoom is the name of an enchanted longsword that is (or was, as the case may be) the property of an adventurer named Irzynn. Irzynn, who later in life settled down to run an outfitter shop in Hawklor, received Goblindoom as a gift from his old friend, Tallys .

Goblindoom adds 10 points to the Melee Rating of any adventurer fortunate enough to wield it. The sword also adds 1 point of Might, 1 point of Agility, and 1 point of Body.

When wielded against goblins, the magical swords adds an additional 5 points to its wielder's Melee Rating, bringing the total Melee Rating bonus to +15.

Goblindoom is one of the items you will receive when you visit Irzynn in his cottage in the village of Durnsig (Hart Hills, Southwest Tysa). Please note that Irzynn will only be in Durnsig once you've paid him a visit in Hawklor.

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