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     July 19th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Glowing Goblin

This strange creature, who has earned his name from the lurid golden glow that emanates from his equally-golden skin, has long been the subject of many legends throughout the North Broadlands .

Most accounts feature the sinister goblin as a master thief who steals valuable treasures and hoards them away in his secret lair. He most often appears in large cities.

Others believe that the Glowing Goblin is an agent in the employ of some greater and far more sinister figure.

The few times that either adventurers or city guardsmen have caught up with the foul creature, have ended with the goblin escaping...often after slaying one or more of his pursuers.

The renowned adventurer, Tallys , claims to have defeated the Glowing Goblin in the city of Trithik more than twenty years ago. Tallys recalls that the goblin's body vanished after it was slain and that in its place he found three strange silver coins, each bearing an engraving of a snarling goblin's head.

Tallys's account has led to widespread speculation that the goblin is not a creature of this world.

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