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     June 14th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Gloom Skulker

A malevolent abomination from the deep recesses of the Neverness , gloom skulkers are lesser demons that seek out desolate, remote places where they lie in wait for an unsuspecting victim.

These grey-skinned, humanoid creatures almost always have a pair of thick, leathery wings and a lengthy spiked tail, which they can effectively employ as a weapon.

Though speechless in any normal sense, gloom skulkers are known to emit all manner of shrieks and snarls when attacking their prey.

The mouths of these demons, nearly four times the size of a human mouth, are filled with long, jagged fangs and their fingers are tipped with curved, black, stone-hard claws.

Gloom skulkers will often lurk unseen in a place for a lengthy period of time before making a move against its chosen victim(s).

These vile creatures can only be damaged by magic or magical weapons.

It's believed that killing a gloom skulker can cause the demon's disembodied spirit to linger for a time over the area in which it was slain, adversely affecting any living soul in the immediate vicinity.

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