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     July 19th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

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Though seldom seen these days, even by those adventurers bold enough to brave the frozen peaks of the Felrundin Range , these intelligent, but savage beings of ice-covered stone still guard their ancient, mountaintop domains.

Some of the legends surrounding these strange, human-sized beings claim that the frostlings were, in fact, once human. These legends further suggest that a powerful curse was set upon them, turning them into beings of stone and covering them in a thick layer of frost and ice.

Other legends says that the frostlings are little more than an ancient race of earth elementals who, for reasons unknown, choose to dwell in remote, frigid, inhospitable regions.

Regardless of their origin, frostlings are known to be both savage and cruel. There have been many reports of frostlings capturing and imprisoning adventurers who encroach upon their snowy domains.

Frostlings live in large groups (sometimes numbering a couple of hundred). These groups, known as clans, are usually led by a powerful frostling who is believed to possess the ability to channel and wield elemental magic.

Frostlings are known to craft items out of ice. These items are often imbued with their own elemental magic.

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