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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Frost Hulk

These fearsome behemoths, now a rare sight in even the most remote and frigid corners of the world, are among the most powerful creatures known to man.

Roughly three to four times the size of a large ogre, their leathery, grey skin covered with ragged tufts of thick, white fur, the muscle-laden frost hulks possess unimaginable physical might. It is said that a single blow from one of these brutes is enough to incapacitate and kill most enemies.

Five large, angled spikes of bone, each coated in a thin layer of frost, protrude from the back of a frost hulk. Long, stone-hard claws extend from the tips of the beast's massive fingers. The face of a frost hulk is somwhat troll-like in appearance, though its double rows of razor-sharp teeth and massive jaws lend the creature a much more fearsome appearance.

Frost hulks, solitary creatures by nature, live in only the coldest of climes. There, when not sleeping (they can sometimes slumber for up to a week), they spend their time hunting for food. Some of their favourite prey includes bears, giants, and dragons.

Frost hulks will usually take up residence in a cave or similar abode. While it's unknown how it comes to be, it's not uncommon to find creatures of ice (all manner of creatures) guarding the lair of a frost hulk. Some believe that the frost hulks possess the innate ability to wield a primal form of elemental magic, which they use to summon and retain various forms of ice elementals.

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