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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Forest Lord

Described by those who claim to have seen him as a tall man with green skin, clad in a suit of leaves with a long beard of moss, the Forest Lord is a fixture in the local folklore of Dragonwrath and the surrounding region.

By most accounts, the Forest Lord is a benign figure who protects and nurtures the woodlands and their inhabitants. However, several supposed encounters with the Forest Lord over the course of the last century, describe a dangerous and powerful being with an intense hatred of humankind.

Lyorik Thumbrelk , Dragonwrath's protector , recently reported sighting the Forest Lord while hunting in the woods east of town.

Many in Dragonwrath, including Lyorik's brother, Denurik, remain skeptical of his claim.

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