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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Dusk Dragons

Although by no means common, the dusk dragon is perhaps the most prevalent of Sryth's dwindling dragon population. These majestic creatures usually inhabit remote woodland areas, and have been known to employ the services of forest trolls, or ogres to do their bidding -- it is more often than not a partnership forged out of fear on the part of the dragon's hirelings.

Dusk dragons are so named because of their dark grey scales that make them difficult to spot in the dark. The reclusive forest reptiles are ill-tempered and detest most other beings. They usually only emerge from their hidden lairs at night when they fly above their domains seeking out prey or inspecting the lay of the land.

Like most of their kin, dusk dragons possess a powerful breath of fire that they will not hesitate to use if needed.

Perhaps the only living creature an adult dusk dragon (and most other dragons for that matter) fear, is a full-grown griffon .

One of the largest and most powerful dusk dragons in recent memory was a particularly wicked beast known as Qianzal. Despite his formidable power, the ancient dusk dragon reportedly met his end at the hands of Hawnley-Jakk .

Another infamous dusk dragon, known as Nereben, was responsible for the razing of Grevorr over four hundred years ago.

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