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     August 7th
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These large, frosty-scaled serpents roam the frozen wastes of Arkyndar in search of prey, which is then incapacitated with their deadly venom before being promptly devoured.

Durekryn are rich in a thick, dark oil that helps to protect them from the deadly cold.

This oil, which has uses ranging from lamp fuel to lubrication, has become highly sought-after over the past several centuries and remains the chief commodity exported from the icy realm of Arkyndar .

Durekryn hunting is a lucrative but extremely perilous endeavour that has attracted many adventurers to the Fabled North -- and claimed the lives of a good number of them.

Nearly all of the Durekryn slain by hunters end up in Rimehaft , where their remains are dressed and their flesh boiled to extract its precious oil.

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