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     December 16th
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The legendary warrior and adventurer known as Dreadmask obtained his rather sinister moniker as a result of the fear-inspiring, iron-banded wooden mask he wore. His real name is not known.

Much of Dreadmask's magnificent equipment was marked with strange symbols, possibly goblin in origin, leading to speculation that the masked adventurer was actually a very large goblin who cleverly concealed his true identity from the human world.

Most now believe that Dreadmask was human, but that he hid himself to either disguise a disfigurement or to maintain his anonymity.

Dreadmask spent much of his adventuring career hunting down ogres, trolls, dragons, and the undead. The many legends that recount his grand adventures rarely speak of any companions, though a brief mention is made of a woman in Talinus by the name of Julirilia, to whom the masked warrior is said to have pledged his love.

Dreadmask suddenly and inexplicably disappeared nearly five hundred years ago, while on an expedition to find a dragon's lair somewhere in the Alspuin Mountains.

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