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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Perched on a spot of high, rocky ground, at the edge of the forest, on the northeast shoulder of Barrow Loch, Dragonwrath is a thriving settlement with a particularly storied past.

Dragonwrath was built just to the south of the remains of Hope Stone , a city destroyed over a thousand years ago by the malevolent dragon Cloudlurker . The attack on Hope Stone lasted three days, claimed the lives of nearly half of the city's populace, and razed every structure within its walls.

For over five hundred years, the ruins of Hope Stone and a wide swath of land surrounding the remnants, lay abandoned. When a silver mine was discovered near the ruins, its valuable bounty led to the founding of a new settlement to the south of the shattered city. The new town, which came to be called Dragonwrath, was named after the infamous attack that destroyed Hope Stone.

Blackgate Mine , an ancient silver mine , long the source of Dragonwrath's prosperity, is famous throughout the realms for its seemingly endless supply of the precious ore.

Much of Dragonwrath has, over the last two generations, come under the tight control of the Thumbrelk family. While most of the town's citizenry seems content to allow the Thumbrelk's to govern Dragonwrath, a growing number of folk have begun to outwardly resent the power wielded by the Thumbrelks.

The current protector of Dragonwrath, Lyorik Thumbrelk (also known as the 'Elder Thumbrelk'), is the great grandson of Brogmarth. Some have suggested Lyorik is at the heart of a well-concealed underbelly that thrives out of sight in Dragonwrath.

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