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     July 20th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

D'Liorth The Necromancer

D'Liorth, a shadowy mage who's life's history has become entwined among various legends, is said to have ruled the area of Northern Sryth now known as the Central Broadlands many centuries ago.

From high within the Dread Tower, D'Liorth is said to have commanded a powerful legion of the undead, who did battle with the armies of men and secured for the evil mage a reign that lasted over a century.

D'Liorth's arch-enemy was the warrior Jast , whom he finally defeated at the Battle of Dread Tower .

Many mages have sought the ruins of the Dread Tower in the hills surrounding the city of Asphyr , for they believe that D'Liorth's tower may have contained magical secrets unknown to present day spellcasters. The remains of the tower have yet to be discovered.

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