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     February 23rd
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


'Dire' is the name ascribed to a group of thieves and assassins that split from the infamous outlaw brotherhood known as the Night Whisperers .

While it is commonly believed that the shadowy group's numbers are low, Dire has nonetheless managed to wage a grim, brutal campaign of murder and assassination for nearly a decade.

Dire's activities frequently bring the group into direct conflict with the Night Whisperers . Even the Night Whisperers have found it difficult to combat the activities of the small, scattered group.

Dire's initial endeavours involved the murder of several high-ranking members of the Night Whisperers . The group then established small pockets of operation in all of Tysa's major towns and cities and began to accept contracts and assignments from a variety of sources.

In Trithik , the group immediately found themselves the primary target of Thane Pyrond's campaign to rid the city of its long-entrenched, unsavoury elements. Having miscalculated both the Thane's resolve and his resources, Dire found themseles outmatched against trained warriors (many of them mercenaries) who were instructed to give no quarter.

The suspected leader of Dire, Werund Hurth, was captured by Thane Pyrond's forces as he attempted to flee Trithik. He was hanged the day after his capture. Many believed that this would shatter the group, but the members of Dire still at large swiftly countered, attempting to assassinate Thane Pyrond and several of his commanders. The attempted assassinations proved disastrous.

The seven assassins involved in the attempt were all captured and hanged before the gates of Trynd Keep.

Following their defeat in Trithik, the surviving members of Dire are believed to have fled the city to rejoin with the remaining members of their small brotherhood in other parts of the Kingdom.

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