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     June 14th
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The Tome of Lore:  Table of Contents

Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Already a proven adventurer, an renowned woodsman, and an accomplished thief, in his middle years, the legendary Bryngara turned his attention to the dark craft of necromancy and readily mastered the sinister magical discipline.

Bryngara is known to have possessed the Sword of Blessed Night, a powerful weapon forged ages ago in the fire pits of Hulnarim , and once the very blade wielded by the renegade demon lord, Kinjorek .

It is not known how Bryngara came to possess the sword.

As the legends have it, the Sword that Bryngara so prized, began to take possession of him, until all of his reason was replaced by malice. Soon after acquiring the blade, Bryngara formed an army of mercenaries and conquered a small portion of northwest Tysa. He set himself up as king of this new territory and took his throne in the ancient ruins of a castle.

The 'kingdom' that Bryngara ruled would last less than a month. The Tysian army crushed the entirety of his forces in a single battle -- a battle in which Bryngara himself was slain.

Little is known of the history of the Sword of Blessed Night from that point onward. It is believed that the weapon has passed into different hands over the years since Bryngara's death. It is also believed that evil and destruction has followed the sword into the hands of its possessors.

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