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     July 20th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


'Brogmen' is a moniker given to the members of the mercenary force that has guarded Dragonwrath and its silver mine for nearly the last century.

These skilled warriors, many of whom had been soldiers during the great goblin wars on Tysa's eastern flank, were summoned by Brogmarth Thymbrelk , once he had been declared Dragonwrath's protector , to replace the town militia he so abruptly disbanded.

Clad in a mix of chain and leather, over which they wore black tunics bearing the ancient family crest of the Thumbrelks (a bear's head crowned by the rays of the setting sun), the townsfolk (many of whom disliked Brogmarth's authoritative ways) came to call the mercenaries " Brogmen ", a moniker still in use to this day.

The Brogmen, still under the direct authority of Dragonwrath's protector , currently Lyorik Thumbrelk , seek out, recruit, and train new members for their ranks from places both near and far.

While some of Dragonwrath's populace feels that the tactics employed by the Brogmen are somewhat heavy-handed, there are just as many who enjoy and appreciate the safety and peace of mind their presence has brought to the remote mining town.

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