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     July 19th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

Blood Grub

The pale grey blood grub, with its massive set of long black pincers, is a truly revolting sight.

This fearsome predator, normally the size of a small dog, moves much more swiftly than its bulky, writhing torso might otherwise suggest.

Blood grubs use their pincers to seize their prey (which is any living thing within striking distance) and then proceed to attach their round mouth to their victim's flesh and suck out its blood.

Blood grubs can be found in many environments, including forests, swamps, lakes, rivers, and caves. Though they can be encountered alone, there are tales abound of adventurers who have unwittingly stumbled into a nest of these deadly, voracious creatures.

A blood grub nest may sometimes include sylgareb -- a female blood grub. Sylgarebs are typically twice the size of an ordinary blood grub, which makes an encounter with one a rather frightening proposition.

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