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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry

The Black Writ

The 'Black Writ' is a band of self-proclaimed agents of law and order who have long waged a battle against some of the more sinister groups operating throughout the North Broadlands .

The name is said to come from a secret writ that serves as the organization's charter -- a document that codifies the group's tenets.

While many are quick to applaud the Black Writ, citing their valiant, unflinching stand against organizations like the Night Whisperers and Dire , there is a growing concern regarding the group's tactics -- which often resemble the brutal measures taken by the very entities to which they're opposed.

After a series of bloody battles in Gaddurug's End in Trithik , against a purported nest of Nightwhisperers , the Black Writ found itself under the unwelcome scrutiny of Thane Pyrond . The Thane declared the Black Writ to be outlaws and swiftly and decisively moved against the secretive group.

For several weeks, members of the Black Writ were hunted down and hauled into the dungeons beneath Trynd Keep. The group's suspected leader, a rugged swordsman by the name of Yuthmel, was captured as he attempted to rescue several of his imprisoned cohorts.

Yuthmel was to be taken to Talinus and tried for his alleged crimes, but when he managed to escape his bonds and make an attempt on Thane Pyrond's life, he was retaken and summarily hanged.

It is believed that the death of Yuthmel heralded the end of the Black Writ. Little has been heard of the group since.

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