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     July 24th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


Asphyr is one of the oldest cities in the Central Broadlands .

An ancient highway, known as the Way of Qend leads from Asphyr to Ziard , and is the main passage between the North Broadlands and Central Broadlands for most travelers.

Asphyr is a city-state, and as such is self-governing. Its governmental body is (imaginatively enough) the Council of Asphyr. The council is a thirteen member body that oversees all aspects of the city. The council is responsible for everthing from agriculture production and trade, to the military.

The city of Asphyr is home to the The Grey Circle , a powerful organization of mages that has spread far and wide across Northern Sryth . In the centre of the city sits the Tower of Anarain , where the mysterious personage known only as The Grey Mage has presided over Sryth's most famous brotherhood of spellcasters since before even the eldest can remember.

Despite being officially governed by the Council of Asphyr, there are many who believe that it is The Grey Mage who actually wields the most political power in the city.

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