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     July 19th
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Sryth™ Expanded Info Entry


The otherworldly entity known only as Arkynak, who is said to be able to assume and maintain human form, and who is known to have visited the world of Sryth numerous times across the ages for a variety of mysterious purposes, is thought to have a keen interest (and perhaps a meddling hand) in the affairs of men.

Of all the legends that concern Arkynak, none are more prominently known that that of his Key -- Arkynak's Key.

The key, which among the living only Tallys has claimed to have seen, is believed to unlock something of great power -- something long ago hidden away by Arkynak himself.

As the legends have it, anyone in possession of Arkynak's Key will know where to find what it is they Key unlocks. The Key is, therefore, an object whose value is beyond any known means of estimation.

Tallys has long denied having "discovered" the Key and continues to laugh off all suggestions along such lines.

It should be noted that while many have chosen to classify Arkynak as a "demon", there are just as many who refute this classification, citing the fact that his interventions on Sryth (while at times troublesome) seem devoid of any real malice.

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