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     July 20th
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Few figures throughout the long and storied history of magic on Sryth have been as divisive as the Tysian sorcerer known as Arbrenok.

Celebrated in tale and song by those who adhere to his insistence that the natural world is as much a wellspring of magical energy as is the Neverness , he is equally reviled and remembered in cruel parody by those who refute his bold claims and question the validity of his life's work.

According to several histories (his detractors call them 'legends'), Arbrenok succeeded in wielding powerful magic without the need for collecting and expending Nevernal energy. These same histories indicate that he primarily used energy he was able to harness from all manner of flora, particularly moss and water.

In his early years, Arbrenok led the life of an adventurer, exploring far and wide across the wilds of the North Broadlands , always in search of ways to prove or strengthen his theories on magic.

The last of the histories to include mention of Arbrenok tell of him setting off on a journey, its destination unknown. He was never again seen. It is believed, by those who subscribe to the veracity of that account, that the sorcerer, then quite elderly, had gone off to die in an undisclosed location.

The legends regarding Arbrenok's tomb -- something that has yet to be discovered -- is nearly as popular as those of the great mage himself.

Arbrenok was a master of the magical spheres of elementalism, divination, restoration, and illusion.

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