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     July 20th
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Nearly a thousand years ago, the small island realm of Aravul suffered a sudden and cataclysmic event of unknown origin that tore it asunder, causing it to crumble into the sea.

No one present on the island survived its destruction.

Aravul, which had been located just over two hundred miles off the northwest coast of Phiadon , was an ancient island state governed by a council of mages, whose white stone towers could be spotted for miles out to sea.

Every few years, the wizards who ruled Aravul would host a grand joust known as the Tultanog on the Lists of Silverstep, atop the island's formidable southern cliffs.

The greatest jousters and warriors from all across the North Broadlands (and beyond) would make the arduous (and often perilous) journey to Aravul to take part in the tournament, seeking to win the favour of its mage lords and capture one the spectacular prizes presented to the contest's top finishers.

It was during fifty-first Tultanog that an epic disaster struck Aravul, tearing the island apart and hurling its fragments into the raging waters of the Sundren .

The exact nature of the calamity that befell Aravul is not known.

Some have argued that a catastrophic mishap involving magic was responsible for the island's destruction, while others believe that the violent wrath of some natural phenomenon is a more plausible explanation.

No trace of Aravul remains.

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