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     February 12th
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Hall of Champions
Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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The Hall of Champions: Weaponry: Staves
Names in green indicate that the Adventurer is an illustrious member of the Sryth Adventurers Guild.

Rank Level Adventurer
#1 100 Bellinea   (primentor) View Profile
100 Jamie   (glowworm) View Profile
100 Garet Jax   (dhammett) View Profile
100 Greygor   (greygor) View Profile
100 Epsilon   (epsilon) View Profile
100 Lord Of Darkness   (nivek) View Profile
100 Bane Malfoy   (redknight57) View Profile
100 Lady Jemia   (summermoon2) View Profile
100 Trader Vic   (gregwalton) View Profile
100 Feurrian   (killenthevil) View Profile
100 Bindari   (malac) View Profile
100 Gammathree   (jd13) View Profile
100 Zaraphor   (shadar2001) View Profile
100 Giulia   (giulia) View Profile
100 Gyregor   (greygor) View Profile
100 Gharagax   (forestdrake) View Profile
#2 97 Kaspian   (memoryking) View Profile
97 Padrake   (sarsfield) View Profile
#3 96 Rhia   (doolipalally) View Profile
#4 95 Ard   (kaffe) View Profile
95 Chyrre   (summermoon2) View Profile
#5 94 Jaarth   (nandu) View Profile
94 Lancelot   (texlaw1992) View Profile
94 Up   (7up) View Profile
#6 93 Teras Kasi   (dhammett) View Profile
93 Batal   (wolfman) View Profile
93 Gamma Six   (jd13) View Profile
#7 92 Allanon   (dhammett) View Profile
92 Benjamin   (benhutch12) View Profile
92 Bladesinger   (dhammett) View Profile
92 Lili Silvat   (meduwyn) View Profile
92 Scott   (scott) View Profile
92 Adusa   (melhambl) View Profile
#8 91 Flnor   (kaffe) View Profile
91 Kaia Silvat   (meduwyn) View Profile
91 Regan Spargo   (galbraith) View Profile
#9 90 Siddharth   (siddharth) View Profile
90 Cyclone   (kamian) View Profile
#10 89 Reiser   (durgin) View Profile
#11 87 Ice Jayden   (adora) View Profile
#12 86 Jayde   (sharvyn) View Profile
86 Aerylsilverheels   (larswyrdson) View Profile
86 Russ Grimm   (kaffe) View Profile
86 Telop   (telop) View Profile
#13 85 Elena   (valieb90) View Profile
85 Locke   (nickhoekstra) View Profile
#14 84 Mighty1   (actheman) View Profile
84 Quincy   (memoryking) View Profile
84 Larkspur   (linnet) View Profile
84 Calista Sureshot   (erejuan) View Profile
84 Annebelle   (galdorianite) View Profile
#15 83 Sonya   (ggrihn) View Profile
83 Tilaterror   (actheman) View Profile
83 Octopus Doctor   (hephaestus16) View Profile
83 Llee   (ding) View Profile
#16 82 Curunir   (ggrihn) View Profile
82 Giles   (supergiles) View Profile
82 Drainsth   (drainsth) View Profile
82 Celine   (grif123456) View Profile
82 Desdemona   (scrollfire18) View Profile
82 Lomner Dellmar   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
82 Gyrebon   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
#17 81 Ninth Earl Of Yo   (aquadorian) View Profile
81 Chaerne   (chaerne) View Profile
81 Strongbad   (gordo) View Profile
81 Dring   (ding) View Profile
81 Selene Dayo   (scrollfire18) View Profile
81 Gammagal   (jd13) View Profile
81 Redscalyfish   (jigot) View Profile
81 Jack   (whitemage) View Profile
81 Duke   (aquadorian) View Profile
#18 80 Spellhurler   (karate) View Profile
80 Beinion Morne   (dirgeweaver) View Profile
80 Izivol   (memoryking) View Profile
80 Kirito   (kirito123) View Profile
80 Strelok   (dandopolies) View Profile
80 Shodowski   (cuyahoga) View Profile
80 Rumpole   (noahols) View Profile
#19 79 Glandragor   (balthusdire) View Profile
79 Mephisto   (replayer) View Profile
#20 78 Sheil   (kream) View Profile
78 Chekhu   (sharvyn) View Profile
78 Grettir   (memoryking) View Profile
78 Nivek   (kaffe) View Profile
#21 77 Gwydion   (taliesin) View Profile
77 Zegnor   (shadar2001) View Profile
#22 76 Alia   (aliar4) View Profile
76 Tallio   (galbraith) View Profile
76 Battlestar   (actheman) View Profile
76 Trag   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
76 Rilian   (replayer) View Profile
#23 75 Ethario   (ethario) View Profile
75 Tyler   (tydy21) View Profile
75 Hallowed Zun   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
75 Vanyel   (rageoftyrael) View Profile
75 Mehrunes   (mehrunes) View Profile
#24 74 Redblood   (cccc) View Profile
74 The Bishop Of Aw   (thebish) View Profile
74 Luvvwalker   (zaxacron) View Profile
74 Gary   (garys177) View Profile
#25 72 Nightshine   (actheman) View Profile
#26 71 Hilgrad   (sd93981) View Profile
71 Kardis   (bledthorn) View Profile
#27 70 Kali   (siddharth) View Profile
70 Aluminia   (galbraith) View Profile
70 Grelan   (grelan) View Profile
70 Richard Draconis   (cormanthyr) View Profile
70 Adreana   (adreana) View Profile
70 Diana   (vanila) View Profile
#28 69 Cuyahoga Jones   (cuyahoga) View Profile
#29 65 Macrina   (lydi) View Profile
65 Jerosio   (fouroneup) View Profile
#30 64 Aracelis   (scrollfire18) View Profile
64 Li   (elicil) View Profile
64 Ciri   (ragnellz) View Profile
#31 62 Zendramak   (boneman) View Profile
#32 61 Tharad   (maruset) View Profile
61 Aisling   (scrollfire18) View Profile
61 Falsetto   (parabola) View Profile
61 Axis   (saaapling) View Profile
#33 60 Jaz   (fredrick) View Profile
60 Rhaena   (jmb817) View Profile
60 Sybil   (jheran) View Profile
60 Kaithar   (plantdruid) View Profile
60 Marissa   (paladin) View Profile
60 Nelle   (mav) View Profile
#34 59 Rei   (starfalcon) View Profile
#35 55 Newt   (jheran) View Profile
#36 54 Dagghera   (parabola) View Profile
#37 52 Vatrix   (jheran) View Profile
#38 50 Skrioth   (sea) View Profile
#39 48 Grom   (hamerstein) View Profile
#40 44 Raven   (exodus) View Profile
44 Sleepyed   (sleepyed) View Profile
#41 20 Karen   (kurtis) View Profile
20 Lady Of The Lake   (kurtis) View Profile
20 Kurtis   (kurtis) View Profile
20 King Arthur   (kurtis) View Profile
20 Emajin   (wrothful) View Profile
#42 5 Mysticstinger   (mikefont) View Profile
5 Eve Goodheart   (mikefont) View Profile
5 Sparhawk   (grimbold) View Profile
5 Elisil   (elicil) View Profile
5 Kitt   (kitt) View Profile

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