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     September 27th
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Hall of Champions
Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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The Hall of Champions: Weaponry: Staves
Names in green indicate that the Adventurer is an illustrious member of the Sryth Adventurers Guild.

Rank Level Adventurer
#1 100 Bellinea   (primentor) View Profile
100 Jamie   (glowworm) View Profile
100 Judge Fury   (badstench) View Profile
100 Spencer Lionking   (durgin) View Profile
100 Billydakid   (billydakid) View Profile
100 Greygor   (greygor) View Profile
100 Lady Jemia   (summermoon2) View Profile
100 Trader Vic   (gregwalton) View Profile
100 Feurrian   (killenthevil) View Profile
100 Gammathree   (jd13) View Profile
100 Gamma Six   (jd13) View Profile
100 Zaraphor   (shadar2001) View Profile
100 Gyregor   (greygor) View Profile
100 Gharagax   (forestdrake) View Profile
100 Padrake   (sarsfield) View Profile
100 Jack   (whitemage) View Profile
100 Cuyahoga Jones   (cuyahoga) View Profile
#2 99 Kaspian   (memoryking) View Profile
#3 96 Rhia   (doolipalally) View Profile
96 Adusa   (melhambl) View Profile
#4 95 Silk   (kbtegp) View Profile
95 Ard   (kaffe) View Profile
95 Iak   (iakul) View Profile
95 Chyrre   (summermoon2) View Profile
95 Up   (7up) View Profile
95 Cyclone   (kamian) View Profile
#5 94 Lancelot   (texlaw1992) View Profile
#6 93 Mal Vaar   (dburgess) View Profile
93 Batal   (wolfman) View Profile
#7 92 Benjamin   (benhutch12) View Profile
92 Kragdan   (taragon) View Profile
#8 91 Flnor   (kaffe) View Profile
91 Regan Spargo   (galbraith) View Profile
#9 90 Siddharth   (siddharth) View Profile
90 Ankhmahor   (ankhmahor) View Profile
90 Reiser   (durgin) View Profile
#10 89 Corrine   (corwyn) View Profile
89 Touka   (meilian) View Profile
#11 88 Psycho Demon   (pdemon69) View Profile
88 Keladry   (petariel) View Profile
88 Segan   (dendrek) View Profile
88 Aragorn   (shadowfire) View Profile
#12 87 Corwyn   (corwyn) View Profile
#13 86 Jayde   (sharvyn) View Profile
86 Izivol   (memoryking) View Profile
86 Quincy   (memoryking) View Profile
86 Elena   (valieb90) View Profile
86 Rumpole   (noahols) View Profile
86 Rudius Dryadius   (mystbun) View Profile
#14 85 Freyja   (omalin) View Profile
85 Elayna   (raine) View Profile
85 Calista Sureshot   (erejuan) View Profile
#15 84 Sonya   (ggrihn) View Profile
84 Omalin   (omalin) View Profile
84 Larkspur   (linnet) View Profile
84 Tim The Agile   (cuyahoga) View Profile
84 Gary   (garys177) View Profile
84 Sunblade   (astart) View Profile
#16 83 Ka Keng   (kakeng) View Profile
83 Llee   (ding) View Profile
83 River   (fiddlesticks) View Profile
83 Zegnor   (shadar2001) View Profile
83 Jefferey   (ding) View Profile
#17 82 Giles   (supergiles) View Profile
82 Zeven   (omalin) View Profile
82 Rhiannon   (rhiannon) View Profile
82 Leviathon   (leviathon) View Profile
82 Gammagal   (jd13) View Profile
82 Shodowski   (cuyahoga) View Profile
82 Maegan   (ronewell) View Profile
#18 81 Hyperdude   (hephaestus16) View Profile
81 Redblood   (cccc) View Profile
81 Chaerne   (chaerne) View Profile
81 Strongbad   (gordo) View Profile
81 Glandragor   (balthusdire) View Profile
81 Kitt   (kitt) View Profile
81 Darth Zannah   (kirazanna) View Profile
#19 80 Spellhurler   (karate) View Profile
80 Nendalin   (zajbelj) View Profile
80 Rain Edge   (dman2life) View Profile
80 Sophia   (feliscon) View Profile
80 Yathir   (ratchet5000) View Profile
80 Kato   (mitchw85) View Profile
80 Strelok   (dandopolies) View Profile
80 Kelitha   (sylentbv) View Profile
80 Dorian   (petariel) View Profile
#20 79 Sheil   (kream) View Profile
79 Kryss   (nathanh) View Profile
79 Sieg   (spicolli9999) View Profile
79 Kyaera   (kyaera) View Profile
79 Jakk Evensong   (jacques) View Profile
#21 78 Grettir   (memoryking) View Profile
#22 77 Dorn Dragonwise   (durgin) View Profile
77 Grishnahk   (fuzake) View Profile
#23 76 The Bishop Of Aw   (thebish) View Profile
76 Gerrard   (alacar) View Profile
76 Blueplumedbird   (jigot) View Profile
76 Crispin   (jendrik) View Profile
#24 75 Shadoweye   (darnheim) View Profile
75 Harkir   (shivthemall) View Profile
75 Lance   (redneck6175) View Profile
75 Trib   (tribagasm) View Profile
#25 74 Austen   (candy) View Profile
74 Rayven   (sylentbv) View Profile
#26 73 Dyce   (cascavelli) View Profile
73 Ezu   (delcampo95) View Profile
73 Michelle   (rizfigure4) View Profile
73 Gygax The Great   (ssparks111) View Profile
73 Salvador Pacheco   (sxp5702) View Profile
#27 71 Hilgrad   (sd93981) View Profile
71 Cailyn   (rhiannon) View Profile
71 Nimue   (rhiannon) View Profile
71 Newt   (jheran) View Profile
71 Dreigh   (jheran) View Profile
71 Lem Black   (vagabondhart) View Profile
#28 70 Ambrose   (feliscon) View Profile
70 Seltra   (sylentbv) View Profile
70 Diana   (vanila) View Profile
70 Sigarda   (bandidorl) View Profile
70 Gwydion   (taliesin) View Profile
70 Weezel   (qwertyweezel) View Profile
70 Jamie   (rizfigure4) View Profile
70 Blittz   (frenz) View Profile
#29 67 Klon   (dragoon669) View Profile
67 Marius Vitallion   (jephrieli) View Profile
#30 66 Cyan   (zajbelj) View Profile
66 Naita Jin   (kmoore320) View Profile
#31 65 Angel   (kream) View Profile
65 Kam   (tangkw) View Profile
65 Chayne Willow   (vagabondhart) View Profile
#32 63 Rei   (starfalcon) View Profile
#33 61 Falsetto   (parabola) View Profile
#34 57 Rhor   (rhoregis) View Profile
#35 50 Catwoman   (vwk) View Profile
#36 48 Grom   (hamerstein) View Profile
#37 45 Mirkan   (merj61752) View Profile
#38 20 William   (willyfiddle) View Profile
20 Zaljereck   (weeomalley) View Profile
#39 19 War Wizard J   (easyjaws) View Profile
#40 5 Paragon   (feliscon) View Profile
5 Xan   (feliscon) View Profile
5 Lionbaiter   (lionbaiter) View Profile
5 Marissa   (paladin) View Profile
5 Belgarion   (grimbold) View Profile
5 Kredo   (crypt) View Profile
5 Ice Jayden   (adora) View Profile
5 Lanther   (lanther) View Profile
5 Kitt   (kor) View Profile

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