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Matthias was sighted traveling through Southwest Tysa, headed for parts unknown.  view more

     May 24th
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Hall of Champions
Sryth's bravest adventurers can be found in the Hall of Champions...

If you're blind or visually-impaired, let us know how we can make the game more accessible to you.

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The Hall of Champions: Shadow Magic
Names in green indicate that the Adventurer is an illustrious member of the Sryth Adventurers Guild.

Rank Level Adventurer
#1 100 Bellinea   (primentor) View Profile
100 Billydakid   (billydakid) View Profile
100 Garet Jax   (dhammett) View Profile
100 Greygor   (greygor) View Profile
100 Lady Jemia   (summermoon2) View Profile
100 Feurrian   (killenthevil) View Profile
100 Gammathree   (jd13) View Profile
100 Zaraphor   (shadar2001) View Profile
100 Cuyahoga Jones   (cuyahoga) View Profile
#2 99 Padrake   (sarsfield) View Profile
#3 98 Kaspian   (memoryking) View Profile
#4 97 Gharagax   (forestdrake) View Profile
#5 94 Rhia   (doolipalally) View Profile
#6 90 Benjamin   (benhutch12) View Profile
90 Batal   (wolfman) View Profile
90 Jack   (whitemage) View Profile
#7 89 Lancelot   (texlaw1992) View Profile
89 Gyregor   (greygor) View Profile
89 Silverwings   (gilberttheme) View Profile
#8 88 Trader Vic   (gregwalton) View Profile
88 Gamma Six   (jd13) View Profile
#9 85 Killjoy   (killjoy5) View Profile
85 Handfast   (grimbold) View Profile
85 Flnor   (kaffe) View Profile
85 Matrim Cauthon   (wheel) View Profile
#10 84 Reiser   (durgin) View Profile
#11 83 Sonya   (ggrihn) View Profile
83 Adusa   (melhambl) View Profile
83 Cyclone   (kamian) View Profile
83 Telop   (telop) View Profile
#12 82 Jayde   (sharvyn) View Profile
82 Giulia   (giulia) View Profile
#13 81 Jamie   (glowworm) View Profile
81 Regan Spargo   (galbraith) View Profile
81 Bishop   (rowen) View Profile
81 Chyrre   (summermoon2) View Profile
81 Elena   (valieb90) View Profile
81 Calista Sureshot   (erejuan) View Profile
81 Darth Zannah   (kirazanna) View Profile
#14 80 Carl   (rjkellar) View Profile
80 Llee   (ding) View Profile
80 Tristan   (jimpos) View Profile
80 Leviathon   (leviathon) View Profile
80 Sephiroth   (redjellosux) View Profile
80 Larkspur   (linnet) View Profile
#15 79 Lili Silvat   (meduwyn) View Profile
79 Strongbad   (gordo) View Profile
79 Ice Jayden   (adora) View Profile
#16 78 Caetlyn   (caetlyn) View Profile
78 Quincy   (memoryking) View Profile
78 Shodowski   (cuyahoga) View Profile
#17 77 Sheil   (kream) View Profile
77 Searat   (buckbeak) View Profile
77 Octopus Doctor   (hephaestus16) View Profile
#18 76 Spellhurler   (karate) View Profile
76 Siddharth   (siddharth) View Profile
76 Grettir   (memoryking) View Profile
76 Izivol   (memoryking) View Profile
76 Zorander   (ckot) View Profile
#19 75 Kryss   (nathanh) View Profile
75 Kaia Silvat   (meduwyn) View Profile
75 Richard Draconis   (cormanthyr) View Profile
75 Scott   (scott) View Profile
75 Shadoweye   (darnheim) View Profile
75 The Bishop Of Aw   (thebish) View Profile
75 Lomner Dellmar   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
75 Rumpole   (noahols) View Profile
#20 74 Nendalin   (zajbelj) View Profile
74 Redblood   (cccc) View Profile
74 Sieg   (spicolli9999) View Profile
74 Greybeard   (gregwalton) View Profile
74 Glandragor   (balthusdire) View Profile
74 Locke   (nickhoekstra) View Profile
74 Gary   (garys177) View Profile
74 Sunblade   (astart) View Profile
74 Shirya   (shirya) View Profile
#21 73 Fusoya   (dracmatais) View Profile
73 Hallowed Zun   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
73 Zegnor   (shadar2001) View Profile
73 Trag   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
#22 72 Beinion Morne   (dirgeweaver) View Profile
72 Marius Vitallion   (jephrieli) View Profile
72 Stelina   (jburville) View Profile
72 Kirito   (kirito123) View Profile
72 Gyrebon   (jacobfmiller) View Profile
72 Reider   (heiro7770) View Profile
72 Kitt   (kitt) View Profile
72 Gerrard   (alacar) View Profile
72 Gentile   (gentile) View Profile
72 Maegan   (ronewell) View Profile
#23 71 Tommy The Bruce   (tomdabruce) View Profile
71 Giles   (supergiles) View Profile
71 Aluminia   (galbraith) View Profile
71 Tallio   (galbraith) View Profile
71 Hicks   (rowen) View Profile
71 Redscalyfish   (jigot) View Profile
71 Rilian   (replayer) View Profile
71 Devilsedge   (devilsedge) View Profile
71 Bert   (ding) View Profile
71 Lenth   (darthlenth) View Profile
71 Jakk Evensong   (jacques) View Profile
#24 70 Mysticstinger   (mikefont) View Profile
70 Grelan   (grelan) View Profile
70 Rei   (starfalcon) View Profile
70 Zteven   (zteven) View Profile
70 Resis   (yujinlok) View Profile
70 Strelok   (dandopolies) View Profile
70 Diana   (vanila) View Profile
70 Marissa   (paladin) View Profile
70 Zero   (salwrathiss) View Profile
70 Silvanus   (pmoen88) View Profile
70 Belgarion   (grimbold) View Profile
70 Quinin   (colgere) View Profile
70 Kennack   (kennack) View Profile
70 Dante Romauld   (7twenty) View Profile
#25 69 Up   (7up) View Profile
69 Felina   (denika) View Profile
#26 67 Phaeroth   (phaeroth) View Profile
67 Kevin Alexander   (jeffnv) View Profile
67 Gale   (zeroclaw791) View Profile
67 Emrys Fae   (emrys) View Profile
67 Alaric   (alaric2895) View Profile
#27 66 Syros   (alpha) View Profile
66 Woly   (jburville) View Profile
#28 65 Jadenil   (krealist) View Profile
65 Katerina   (mesmerjane) View Profile
65 Blueplumedbird   (jigot) View Profile
#29 64 Cyan   (zajbelj) View Profile
64 Sorceress Elisa   (genericname) View Profile
64 Revan   (charizard11) View Profile
#30 63 Lyri   (ropspin) View Profile
#31 62 Elayne Hendrake   (moonblade) View Profile
62 Maco   (ctjarks) View Profile
62 Naunchelant   (smallbover) View Profile
#32 61 Spellhurler   (kirito123) View Profile
61 Jamais   (jamais) View Profile
61 Kredo   (crypt) View Profile
61 Roshar   (riftwise) View Profile
#33 60 Zeddicus Zul   (sometingwong) View Profile
60 Beardedbastard   (danzig) View Profile
60 Ohla   (deri) View Profile
60 Kaym   (daedalust) View Profile
60 Leonas   (jburville) View Profile
#34 58 Crusher   (parabola) View Profile
#35 50 Karen   (kurtis) View Profile
50 Lady Of The Lake   (kurtis) View Profile
50 Kurtis   (kurtis) View Profile
50 King Arthur   (kurtis) View Profile

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